Consulting services

Hire our hands and expertise. Let us improve your current infrastructure

Server Administration

We can make any administration tasks in your own servers or cloud provider. Initial set-up, migrations, services installations...

Performance Tunning

We make adjustments and use strategies at many levels: tunning, caching, architecture. Whatever it takes to have the make your application faster, safer, more scalable and predictable.

Your set-up automated

We convert your running server into a automated script that allows you to reinstall everything from scratch by "pressing the button"

Backup and recovery

Automation of your data backups and safe recovery. Your data is your most valuable asset.

Content Delivery Networks

Strategies and setup of a proper distribution of the content across the globe, either static or dynamic.

Big data

Setup and maintenance of hadoop clusters, logs platform and solving the particularities of big data systems.


We scan your application and elaborate a report stating problems we have found and suggesting improvements. Security, performance, scalability, bottlenecks, single points of failure, data loss prevention...

Process improvement

We help you connect and improve technical processes like script interaction, deployment process, service interaction, parallelization and de-synchronization.

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